Post Covid-19 Changes


Our class sizes will be limited (as per the government guidelines) so we will be creating additional classes to make sure we cater for our current members and allow for new members to join. Emails will be send out with options for convenient days/times.

The structure of our classes will require social distancing and all attendees will be required to wash hands pre and post classes. We wont require the children to wear masks or gloves however all coaches and staff are advised to.

Additional points

Extra precautions

* Our Academy will have a daily deep clean.

* Hourly anti bacterial wipe down of all surfaces in the main gym and dance studio

* Temperate reading of all students attending classes.

*No tap water will be available. All students must bring their own water bottle.

Some of our most Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I try a class?

Get in touch with us and ask as many questions as you want. Then if the class you are interested in doesn't have a waiting list, come down and try it. Its that easy.

How much is it to try a class?

We offer a trial period to make sure you love the classes as much as us. The trial is for 1 class, usually 1 hour and £5.50.

You don't have to do the trial and can go straight into paying monthly.

What do I wear for my first class?

We suggest leggings or tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt thats not too baggy. The main gym is bare feet only (or indoor cheer shoes) so no need for trainers. All jewellery must be removed and hair must be tied well back. Don't forget a water bottle too.

What happens after the trial class?

Let us know how you or your child go on in the lessons and then we can add them to the register permanently. This means they will have their place in the class as long as you continue to pay monthly and want a place. At this point, you will need to pay the membership fee starting from £27.50 which covers their insurance and their training t-shirt.

How do I know my child is progressing?

The coaches are constantly assessing the athletes (without them realising) and allowing the to move at their own pace. If we have any concerns or questions we will be in contact with you however if you have any questions or worries please do get in contact. Your child's coach will then get in contact with you either via e-mail or will arrange a convenient time on the telephone.


My child wants to try a different class, what do I do?

One months notice is required to swap classes or leave. This allows the payment to be changed on the registers and to notify another child who is on the waiting list.

How do the monthly BACS payments work?

To make life simple we have set the payments to be the same every month. We ask you to set up a standing order from your bank account for the first of every month. This saves printed invoices every month and time spent on admin that we put towards the children.

Any late payments will incur a £10 charge per month.  If you cancel your standing order, your child's place will be given to the next child on the waiting list. To re-join, you will be added to the waiting list.