rhea west coast academy

Rhea – Director

Being born into a family of dancers this was Rhea‘s natural path.

She attended Lane Theatre arts and went on to become a professional dancer for 12 years.

Performing for events such as the Royal Variety Performance and music videos with Every Night, Liberty X, Will Young and Gareth Gates.

Rhea also obtained her teaching qualifications with British gymnastics, the International Dance Teachers Association, a qualification in Professional Teachers and British cheerleading Association.

Moving down to Cornwall she noticed a huge gap in the market for sports such as Cheerleading, Gymnastics, Parkour and Dance.

With the help of Hayley, Rhea opened West coast Academy in 2014.

Head Coach Hayley – Parkour, Cheerleading & Adult Gym

Hayley was raised as a competitive gymnast in Liverpool, training up to six days a week from the age of 4 – 16yrs and trained as a gymnastics coach up to the age of 18years. Hayley then went onto college and university graduating with a BA Hons from Leeds University.

Hayley also trained as a dancer, training in street dance, ballet, tap and break-dance. She worked as a professional dancer, representing many prestigious names and working at many events and festivals such as Radio One, Radio City, Red Bull and contracted to work in Egypt.

Hayley has a love of travel and new experiences and has worked in many different countries.  She worked in a primary school for six months teaching Break-dance in Quebec, Canada.

She travelled around Central America volunteering her skills as a qualified aerobics instructor to locals. Hayley also volunteered her time and skills at a children’s orphanage in El Salvador, teaching break-dance, street dance and teaching English.

During her ski season in the French Alps Hayley worked as a nanny looking after children in groups of up to 20 children at a time from the ages of 0-12years.

After becoming a qualified cheerleading instructor Hayley moved to Cornwall and started working for West Coast Cheerleading, teaching cheer in our after school clubs and then went on to teach Cheer, dance and gymnastics at WCA.

Through her love of Gymnastics, dance and break-dance Hayley grew a passion for Parkour. She gained her qualification with Parkour UK and developed our WCA Urban Gym programme. Hayley oversees all Urban Gym levels and classes and organises our successful Urban Gym Competitions ‘Urban Flow’.

Hayley’s athletes have gone on to become Parkour coaches, coach assistants and have been recognised by Parkour Generations and stared in Netflix films.

Hayley has a true passion for her sport and believes in all her athletes.

Coach Bryony – Competitive Cheerleading, Drama & Dance

Bryony has been a dancer since the age of 3. Finding her passion so young shaped her into the adult she is today.

Achieving all of her IDTA levels up to Gold Bar 3 before heading off to University to study Dance and Choreography in Falmouth which she then specialised in Dance and the Community and graduates in 2018.

At the age of 10 the opportunity arose for Bryony to start competitive cheerleading and dance. In the first year of competiting her team became British Champions.

In 2011 Bryony was lucky enough to be chosen to be on the team to go and compete in America in the Cheerleading of America(COA) competitions where her team placed 4th out of 15 teams.

Unfortunately after that Bryony had a serious injury whilst training which stopped her competitive career and lead her to teaching cheerleading and dance at the age of 14 and she has never stopped.

Now 10 years later at the age of 24, Bryony loves giving all her knowledge to new dancers, cheerleaders and gymnasts.

BA(Hons) Dance and Choreography
BGU Cheerleading Level 1 and 2
First Aid
Safe Guarding

luke west coast academy

Coach Luke – Parkour

Growing up in Bristol, Luke was never really interested in any of the other sports most kids played like football or rugby etc. He was always busy climbing trees and jumping from wall to wall.

Even once he moved to Cornwall when he was 10, he would be down at the beach flipping off the dunes with his friends until he came across West Coast Academy. They had only just recently opened. By this time he had heard about the increasingly popular sport parkour through YouTube, so he came along to one of the classes and has been part of WCA ever since.

Luke joined the academy as an athlete completely new to the sport, and over the years has grown as both an athlete and as a person here at the academy.

After helping as an assistant coach and getting his qualification through Parkour UK, he is now a parkour coach with his own classes.

Luke is still learning about the sport, but now passing on his knowledge to younger athletes and helping them progress and develop their parkour skills themselves.

Coach Hannah – Gymnastics, Parkour & Cheerleading

From a young age Hannah has always been involved with some form of sport starting with gymnastics and rugby.

In secondary school she was part of the cheerleading squad run by West Coast Academy and she was also enrolled in a local gymnastics club.

Through Cheerleading Hannah was given opportunities to help with summer activities in gymnastics, cheerleading and trampolining and participated in competitions against other schools in local competitions run by West Coast Academy.

Hannah then started musical theatre, competitive cheerleading and ballet with some local companies before sustaining an injury which led me to approach West Coast Academy about assistant coaching.

After a couple of years Assistant Coaching, WCA invited Hannah to be a Coach and and trained her in Foundations Cheerleading and gymnastics from Building From The Ground Up; more recently in the British Cheerleading Qualification for level 2 Cheerleading.

Some additional qualifications Hannah have achieved over this time include an Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care, First Aid, she is DBS checked and currently studying Sports Therapy with a local university alongside Coaching at West Coast Academy