West Coast Heat at Cheersport Wales National Championships

West Coast Heat travelled to Cardiff to compete in a Nationals cheerleading competition on the 22/05/2022.

It was a long day and the team had to wait until 6.48pm to take to the floor. But boy was it worth the wait, West Coast Heat lived up to their name and were on fire!!

The feedback from the judges was amazing, and the coaching staff are using the feedback to further improve the routine for the next competition.

Add to this the team were 0.75 away from hitting zero. For those of you who are not familiar with hitting zero, here is why its a big deal!

“Hit zero” means a team executed a routine without any deductions at all. That means no stunts were dropped, no athlete messed up their tumbling, no safety rules were broken, and that no other deductions were given. Zero points were taken off the team’s score, resulting in a “hit zero”. Since hitting your routine without deductions increases your chances of placing higher or even winning a competition, it is something most strive for. 

West Coast Heat placed 2nd in their division, which is amazing! Even more so when you consider this is only their second time competing as a team!!

West Coast Heat are competing again in Bournemouth on the 3rd July 2022 at Future Cheer Internationals!

Please join me in wishing them luck as they prepare for their next competition!

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